About Us

Main purpose of Grab IT Job website(www.grabitjob.com) and Android application is to share jobs information of companies established in India through trusted sources like Company's career page, and their social media accounts like LinkedIn. Interested candidates can click on "Apply" on our site, which re-directs you to that specific company's official website or official LinkedIn account, where you can apply for the role. We assume that, this way helps candidates to avoid fraudsters who try to cheat candidates/job seekers.

We will proivde basic information of the job like Job title, Company name, Location, Years of experience required, Link to careers page or LinkedIn page, and a part or full of the Job Description. If you think a part or full information provided on our web site is irrelavant or wrong or incorrect, do kinldy get it to our notice immediately, so that we can cross check and correct the mistake or remove the specific job immediately to avoid further incovenience to you and all other users.

In case if you want to post a job on our site, then do forward all the details to our email id mentioned in the contact page of our website. We will cross all the details and publish it in case if we feel everything is appropriate. When we're doing everything for free, you may think from where we get income from, for the maintenance of our site. The answer is, though we do not charge a single pinny from the recuriters and the candidates, as we want to give information for completely free for users. But we're planning to rely on advertisements through Google AdSense for income generation.