React Introduction Tutorial - Article


Job Description

You should know: HTML, CSS, JavaScript intermediate level to star learning React js.

React is also a JavaScript library created by Facebook. React is basically used for 'building User Interfaces'.

React has capability to develop 'Single Page Applications(SPA)'.

All components that are created by React are reusable. 

Download & Install NPM and Node.js:

create-react-app: Used to create React based applications. 

Installation of create-react-app:

C:\Users\Your Computer Name>npm install -g create-react-app

Creating React Applications:

C:\Users\Your Name>npx create-react-app firstreactapp

This create-react-app would set up everything we need to run a React application.

Running React Applications:

Go to Command Prompt, and create a new directy with cd command.

C:\Users\Your Computer Name>cd firstreactapp

-> Execute React application firsreactapp

C:\Users\Your Comupter Name\myfirstreact>npm start

New browser window would pop up with your newly created React App! If it not, open your browser & type localhost:3000 in address bar.

You cannot name a project with these names:

1) Test

2) Project

3) React